20 Dec 2012 | Dance | House

Ariel Porchera

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It is an axiom that talent often springs from the most difficult and unlikely backgrounds. In no one is this truth better represented than in Ariel Porchera, one of South America’s most talented up and coming entertainers.

Despite being born in humble circumstances in Córdoba, Argentina, Ariel has become well-known through a decade of hard work which started by dancing in a hip-hop group called Neverstop, at the age of 16.

After finishing high school, with little money and no backers, Ariel risked his future and moved to Buenos Aires to study ballet and jazz; working in any job he could find in order to pay his tuition. Proving that hard work still pays off he was selected to be part of the prestigious Teatro Colon Ballet Institute, where he focused his attention on developing his dancing skills while supporting himself as a part-time model and in bit parts in different advertising campaigns for various international brands.

In 2006 Ariel earned his first professional job as a dancer with the Disney Argentina cast. Three months later after being drafted into performing as an ad hoc singer, he decided to begin serious instruction to develop his natural singing talent as well.

In 2007 Ariel began to compose and record his first songs as part of a trio called the Allstarplan Band. During the next three years, in addition to his work with the ban Ariel continued his part-time modeling, while concentrating on his true calling as a singer and a dancer, specifically performing in TV movies in the theater. Throughout this entire period he continued his studies in every spare minute in order to develop his various talents to the greatest extent.
It didn’t have sheer hard work, little sleep and even less down time, coupled with incredible inner strength Ariel worked to hone the his talents to a very high level. He rarely missed an opportunity to perform in order to test and challenge his talents in front of a wide variety of audiences through the media of both videos and live performances.
Ariel’s sheer energy, audacity, charisma and talent have produced a bold new musical style in Latin America which combines compelling choreographies with daring new music, which make Ariel one of Latin America’s most promising new artists!
While most of his work has been done thus far in Spanish, Ariel has added a number of English works to his repertoire as part of his forthcoming USA tour. Reaching out beyond the Latin American market into the English-speaking world will undoubtedly carve out a permanent niche for Ariel Porchera in the international music community.